Thursday, 29 June 2017

Week six

Some good meetings to move me along this week with my CDD pitch!

A further R&D session housed in Italia Conti's South London premises with an actor who had trained under Catherine Clouzot! as well as former students of mine, produced some small scenes which left us all feeling very inspired.

The improvisations moved into text and with five generous actors in the room there was the possibility to do so much. I am really thrilled that each of them continues to be able to put aside their time and that they want to commit to this exploration which really feels as though it is beginning to gather momentum.

The nature of the work which is constantly about incorporating the observation of the animal or bird into the actor's body through detailed and specific activities is hugely physical work. The Imaginative Improvisation that goes hand in hand with Transformation was absolutely allowing the actors to work fully in mind and body so as to live truthfully and freely in the detailed imaginary worlds we explored yesterday evening.

"Woman Catching a Flea",  Georges de la Tour

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