Friday, 23 June 2017

Week five

It has been a stimulating week. Travels across the country have included going up to Norwich. My eyes were peeled through the coach window for birds of prey in the skies over the Fens. I am remembering I was born in Cambridge...
The Helen Macdonald book begins with her travelling northeast of Cambridge to the Breklands, which she translates for the reader as the Broken lands. She goes there to see goshawks.

I am fired by the panel discussion held at LAMDA this Wednesday. The panel was part of a seminar presenting the results of an exciting CDD research project conducted by Penny Cherns. with David Johnston of Queen's University Belfast and LAMDA's MA Classical Acting fir the Professional Theatre students.
Johnston, translator of  the play in focus, El Cuerdo Loco- A State of Madness by Lope de Vega, chaired a round table discussion on theatre translation.
By involving MA actors in the process I was struck by the parallels of our disciplines. A deep understanding of the role, of the world and of the specific circumstances is at the heart of what matters to both the translator and the actor.  
It was evident that the benefits are enormous for both actors and translators if a translation is to be created which will in the end be played.

On a practical note I have more or less completed my pitch for CDD Research funding and it is being looked at by academics whose knowledge and acuity I value.

Returning to Hawk, this article
has substantiated the development of the direction of my piece.

And for a bit of footage, because where are we without recourse to the source material?
-a goshawk nest cam, ,enabling us to see a goshawk feeding a chick.

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