Monday, 2 October 2017

Autumn Hawk R&D

Over the summer things have been bubbling away and I have had two creative meetings with my mentor SJ.
I have also been in touch with a writer whom I have worked with before to suggest the possibility of some collaboration. As this series of images begins to sort and take shape and as the central themes start to emerge, I am needing to move this R&D into its next phase.

For inspiration I have had the chance to observe some birds of prey over the summer and on a practical level I have now been in touch with actors who have worked with me on this to date and am pencilling in the first weekend of November as the next research period for this piece in development.

Some thoughts and directions for the story/s:
The work in the animal is paramount.
The integrity in the wild creature that the human creature is seeking.
Controlling the uncontrollable.
Parallel stories of nurture and abuse.
The bird as image of the soul (her soul)
People are drawn to this wild thing- this strange thing
It is a story of a certain kind of human failure.
It is a story of salvation. 


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