Thursday, 1 June 2017

Week two

How to document this work?
Would images be enough?
I am looking at  Monika Pagneux and a book based on her scrapbook called, Inside Outside which holds an apt quote:
"The gesture is a silent language that writes in space and its writing is the same as a literary writing."
Reading this I can justify "research" which is what is happening all the time in actor training. It does lead the actor to new insights.

Looking at my scrap book it is full of articles about the environment and the great peril the natural world is in. Tonight trump will decide whether or not he will adhere to the Paris Climate summit agreements...
So much of what I ask the students to do once they begin their observation is to look at their subject in the real, not only in footage. The observation which happens regularly and over a period of time is precious and the stuff of gold for the patient observer. The thought that one day we may be the only species left is too chilling.
Perhaps what I am documenting is an approach to developing a character and in doing so will be a documentation of what we gain by observing species other than ourselves. And as I write so much of human kind is hell bent on destroying those others.
I have been listening to a taped conversation with Catherine from 2005. Her voice does not change. When we spoke last week it was the same voice; as direct, as clear, as sharp and as french as ever!
How revelatory her teaching was.

Giraffes watching.
Climate Change March, London 2015

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