Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Week three

I met with Dr Rosemary Klich to discuss practical Research funding options and was encouraged by our meeting. It is good to talk with another who has been a recipient of funding for a research project which involves a subject close to her heart- and also a project that has been a long time in the growing.
Having written more towards the proposal today, an hour in the garden after the rain planing out another batch of perennials including Delphiniums, Echinacea, little Leos, Verbina, Foxgloves and Verbascum, has made a positive contribution to the firming of my ideas!

The pitch for funding to do this research which would be documented, may well further my other project, the Hawk work I am developing. So far in the creating of the several 'pas de deux' from themes in the Hawk book, Transformation has been pivotal. In these works in progress, the animal and the human have been together on stage. The Hawk piece would certainly provide an example of new applications of this already well developed and well recognised process for the actor.


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